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ADAM, Gilbert-Joseph.

(1795 – 1881)

(Born: 1795; Died: Paris, France, 1881) French mineral collector.

Adam was general inspector of finance in Paris, as well as an honorary member of the Mineralogical Society of France. The Paris École des Mines [School of Mines] acquired his collection of 7,000 specimens. Adamite was named in his honor by C. Freidel, 1866.

Biographical references: ABF: I 4, 72. Glaeser, E., Biographie nationale des contemporains. Paris, 1878. 4,824 p. [French national biography of the 19th century.]. Schenkenberg, Die lebenden Mineralogen, 1842: 1. WBI.

Tableau Minéralogique, 1869

1. French, 1869.
Tableau | Minéralogique | par | M. Adam, | Commandeur de la Légion d'Honneur, Conseiller Maitre a la Cour des Comptes, etc. | [ornate rule] | Paris. | Dunod, Éditeur, | Successeur de Vof Dalmont, | Précédement Carilian-Goeuryet Vof Dalmont, | Libraire des Corps Impéiaux des Ponts et Chaussées et des Mines, | Quai des Augustins, n° 49. | [rule] | 1869.

Oblong 4°: π2 1-144; 58l.; [4], I-IX, [1], [1]-102 p., originally bound in brown paper wraps. Page size: 235 x 285 mm.

Contents: [2 pgs], Title page, verso "Nota."; [2 pgs], Errata.; I-IX, Introduction.; [1 pg], "Tableau Minéralogique."; 1-84, Tables of minerals.; 85-100, "Index."; 101-102, "Noms Des Auteurs."

Rare. This book is a classified catalog of the splendid mineral collection of Adam, arranged in a tabular manner with respect to physical properties and chemical compositions. The headings for each table give the name, crystal type, hardness, density, fusibility, solubility, composition and formula. An index facilitates the lookup of specific species. The work ends with a list of references consulted. Originally the text was published in Annales des Mines (see: 15, 1869, 405-626). However, to create the book, the text was corrected, additional information added and the format changed so that the individual tables occupy a single page rather than being divided at the center as occured in the original article. That Adam carefully examined his specimens is clearly demonstrated by his discovery and description in this book of the still recognized mineral species: aerugite, chenevixite, corkite, cuprotungstite, scacchite, and xanthiosite.

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