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ACHILLES, Alexander.

(1586? – 1675)

(Born: 1586?; Died: Stockholm, Sweden, 1675) Prussian military officer.

Achilles was attached to the court of the King of Poland.

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Grund-Ursachen der Erdbebung, 1666

1. German, 1666.
Grund=Ursachen | Der Erdbebung/ | oder | Gewaltigen Bewegungen der | Erden und des Meeres/ | wie auch | der Ertze und Mineralien in der | Erde Beschaffenheit/ und daher entsprin= | genden warmen/ sauren= und süssen Brunnen; | und denn | des Regens und Schnees/ auch Tau und | Nibels Natur und Eigenschafften: | welche selbst erfahren hat | Alexander Achilles, | Rittmeister. | [ornate rule] | In Verlegung Rupert Völckers/ Buchhändl. | in Berlin und Cölln an der Spree. | [rule] | Franckfurt an der Oder | Druckt es Friedrich Eichorn. | Im Jahr 1666.

4°: A-E4 F2; 22l. Page size: 186 x 132 mm.

Contents: A1r, Title page.; A1v-A4r, Dedication to Friedrich Wilhelm, Margrave of Brandenburg.; A4v, "An den günstigen Leser &c."; B1r-F2v, Text.

Very rare. Within this account of the causes of earthquakes, Achilles includes many observations on the conditions that cause the formation of ores and minerals, and consequently the nature of warm, acid and sweet mineral springs. The observations are founded on the Aristotelian theory of four primary elements which in combination are the basis of the formation of all natural objects. The author also interjects many references to God and personal anecdotes into the text, which begins with a review of ancient philosophical theories on the earth, including the generation of minerals and ores.

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