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János Molnár
MOLNÁR, János.

MOLNÁR, János.
(1728 - 1804)

(Born: Csécsény, Hungary, 13 January 1728; Died: Szepesváralja, Hungary, 15 February 1804) Hungarian naturalist.

Biographical references: DBA: I 855, 257-268. Hamberger & Meusel, Gelehrte Teutschland, 1796-1834. Jöcher, Gelehrten-Lexikon, Supplement. Magyar Életrajzi Lexikon: ??. Papp, Magyar Topografikus. 2002: p. 136. WBI. Wurzbach, Biographisches Lexikon Österreich, 1856-91.

1. Latin, 1780.
Oryctologicon, complexum historiae naturals mineralium. Buda, 1780.

8°: 91 p.

Very rare. The Oryctologicon was published as the third volume of the author's Physiologicon Complexum Historić Naturalis Regna Tria (Budae, Typis Regiae Universitatis, 173-80; v1. [4], 78 p., v2. [4], 105 p., v3. 91 p.). It is written in Latin verse and is reported to be the frist mineralogical textbook by a Hungarian author.

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