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 Magazin für Orytographie


Magazin, 1828

1. German, 1828-48 [Periodical].
Magazin | für die | Oryktographie von Sachsen. | [ornate rule] | Ein Beytrag | zur mineralogischen Kenntniß dieses | Landes und zur Geschichte seiner | Mineralien. | [ornate rule] | In freyen Heften herausgegeben | von | Johann Carl Freiesleben, | [...8 lines of titles and memberships...] | [tapered rule] | Erster Heft. | [ornate rule] | Freyberg, | bey Craz und Gerlach. | 1828.

15 vols., 1828 to 1848. Published as 12 regular vols. and 3 supplementary vols.

Rare. The oldest mineralogical journal from Central Europe founded by Johann Carl Freiesleben, and edited from volume 13 onwards by Carl Herrmann Müller [see notes below]. Numerous articles of mineralogical interest appeared in the publication, authored by many of the most famous scientists of the time.

Johann Carl Freiesleben. (Born: Freiberg, Germany, 14 June 1774; Died: Nieder-Auerbach, Voigtland??, 20 March 1846) German mineralogist & geologist. Freiesleben studied under A.G. Werner at the Bergakademie in Freiberg. In 1799, he was awarded the title of Bergmeister, and in 1800 he was appointed advisor to the mining council and director of mining activities in Eisleben. In 1838 he became Chief Mining Advisor for all of Saxony, a post he held until his retirement in 1842.

Carl Herrmann Müller. German mining engineer. Müller had an interest in minerals from a youthful age, forming a personal collection. He attended the Freiberg Bergakademie and graduated with a degree in mine engineering.

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