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 Magazin der Bergbaukunde


1. German, 1785 [Periodical].
Magazin | der | Bergbaukunde, | Erster Theil. | [rule] | Mit Kupfern. | [Large, engraved scene.] | Dresden, 1785. | In der Waltherischen Hofbuchhandlung.

13 vols., 1785 to 1799. Edited by Johann Friedrich Lempe, this journal published papers mostly on mining and metallurgical technology. It also peripherally contains some information on mineralogy. Rare.

Johann Friedrich Lempe. (Born: Weida, Kreis Neustadt, Germany, 7 March 1757; Died: Freiberg, Germany, 6 February 1801) German mining engineer. Lempe was professor of mathematics and physics at the mining academy in Freiberg. He authored works on technology and mining and edited the 13 volumes of the Magazin für Bergbaukunde (1785-99).

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