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Joseph A.I.E. von Baumeister
BAUMEISTER, Joseph Anton Ignaz Edler von.

BAUMEISTER, Joseph Anton Ignaz Edler von.
(1750 - 1819)

(Born: Vienna, Austria, 20 November 1750; Died: Vienna, Austria, 6 October 1819) Austrian author & publisher.

Baumeister was the son of a civil official and studied at the University of Vienna. In 1770, he published a dissertation concerning the history of the Steiermark state. In 1792, he was entrusted by Kaiser Franz II with the education of his sons, the Princes Ludwig and Rudolf. In recognition of this service, he was awarded with a position of advisor to the government. In his retirement, Baumeister worked on a chronology of world history.

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Die Welt in Bildern, 1791

1. German, 1791.
Die | Welt in Bildern | vorzüglich | zum Vergnügen und Unterricht der Jugend. | [rule] | Herausgegeben | von | Joseph Edlem von Baumeister. | [rule] | Vierter Band. | [vignette] | (Mit 24 Kupfertafeln.) | [rule] | Wien | gedruckt und verlegt in der k.k. priv. von Baumeisterischen Buchdruckeren. | 1791.

2°: π2 A-L2 N2 M1 2N1 O-X1 Y2; 40l.; [4], 1-74, [2] p., 24 plates, title vignette. Page size: 264 x 190 mm.

Contents: [2 pgs], Title page, verso blank.; [2 pgs], "An den Leser."-dated 18 August 1790.; 1-74, Text.; [2 pgs], "Inhalt."

Plates: The illustrations are incorporated into the pagination of this work, and consist of engravings of usually 4 to 6 items of mineralogical interest. Each is numbered with an "N." followed by the plate number. Plates 2-3, 5-7, 9, 11-12 and 15-22 are signed in a fashion similar to "J. Sollander px. Mansfeld sc," while all other plates are unsigned. Plate descriptions are handled within the text of the work.

The plates show: N. 1 (page 1). 4 figures showing 2 medallions and 2 marble samples. N. 2 (page 5). 4 figures showing 2 marble slabs and 2 calcite crystal groups. N. 3 (page 9). 4 figures showing 1 selenite crystal group, 2 dendritic growths and 1 fluorite crystal group. N. 4 (page 13). 4 figures showing 1 quartz crystal group, 1 flint, 1 chalcedony and 1 cinnabar. N. 5 (page 17). 4 figures of agates. N. 6 (page 21). 7 figures showing ruby, sapphire, topaz, tourmaline, emerald and chrysolith. N. 7 (page 25). 4 figures showing amethyst, garnet and beryl. N. 8 (page 29). 5 figures of jasper (cabs). N. 9 (page 33). 4 figures of flint. N. 10 (page 37). 5 figures of feldspar (cabs). N. 11 (page 41). 6 figures showing various salt groups. N. 12 (page 45). 6 figures showing amber, coal and sulfur. N. 13 (page 49). 4 figures of gold and metallic ores. N. 14 (page 53). 4 figures of silver specimens. N. 15 (page 55). 4 figures of copper minerals, malachite and chalcopyrite. N. 16 (page 57). 4 figures of iron specimens. N. 17 (page 59). 4 figures of iron and magnetite specimens. N. 18 (page 61). 5 figures of lead, galena, mimetite and cerussite. N. 19 (page 63). 5 figures of bismuth, sphalerite and ores of zinc. N. 20 (page 65). 4 figures of antimony and cobalt minerals. N. 21 (page 67). 4 figures of nickel and arsenic minerals. N. 22 (page 69). 5 figures showing pyrolusite, scheelite and cerussite. N. 23 (page 71). 4 figures showing mercury and cinnabar specimens. N. 24 (page 74). 1 figure showing platinum nuggets in a pan.

Very scarce. The volume described was published as the fourth number of Die Welt in Bildern (6 vols., Vienna, 1788-92), which was directed towards juveniles. The set's focus was to show the young reader a comprehensive view of the world through realistic pictures. This part treats things dug from the earth by marvelously illustrating a wide variety of minerals, agates and marble samples. Johann Sollander [see note below] prepared the master plates from actual specimens, and his effort shows in this truly beautiful illustrated mineralogy.

The work exists in two states. One with the title vignette and plates untinted, and the other with these illustrations deliciously hand-colored. The colored copies are printed on a better quality paper that makes the volume noticeably thicker, and at the time of their production undoubtedly more expensive. One could suspect that authentic colored volumes are rarer than their uncolored counterparts.

Johann Sollander. Austrian painter. No direct information found; however, this may refer to Johann Sollerer (Sollener) [1747-1809], Viennese painter of miniatures.

Mansfeld. Austrian engraver. Refers to a family of Viennese copper engravers. Active during the period were Johann Georg [1764-1817], Johann [1770-1825] and Johann Ernst [1739-1796].

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