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Lorenzo Legati
LEGATI, Lorenzo.

LEGATI, Lorenzo.
(      - 1675)

(Born: Cremona, Italy,      ; Died: Bologna, Italy, 1675) Italian physician & philologian.

Legati was professor of Greek at the University of Bologna as well as physician-in-ordinary to Prince Gonzaga.

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Mvseo Cospiano, 1677

1. Italian, 1677 [Collection catalog].
[In red:] Mvseo Cospiano | [in black:] Annesso A Qvello Del Famoso | [in red:] Vlisse Aldrovandi | [in black:] E donato a sua Partia dall' Illustrissimo Signor | [in red:] Ferdinando Cospi | [in black:] Patrizio Di Bologna E Senatore | Cavaliere Commendatore di S. Stefano, Balì d'Arezzo, e March. di Petriolo, | Fra' Gli Accademici Gelati | Il Fedele, | E Principe Al Presente De' Medesimi. | Descrizione | [in red:] Di Lorenzo Legati Cremonese | [in black:] Dottor Filofoo, Medico, e Pubblico Professore delle Letter e Greche in Bologna, | Accademico Apatista, e Ansioso. | Al Serenissimo | [in red:] Ferdinando III | Principe Di Toscana. | [vignette] | [rule] | In Bologna, per Giacomo Monti. MDCLXXVII. Con licenza de'Superiori.

2°: [22], 532 p., title vignette, one double engraved plate (of the museums' interior), one portrait (of Cospi), small portrait of Ferdinand III of Toscana, numerous woodcuts in text. Title in red and black.

Very scarce. An interesting illustrated description of the natural history objects, antiquities and curiousities in the Cospiano Museum in Bologona. This collection was formed by Ferdinando Cospi [see note below], Marches di Petrioli, who was a great collector of natural objects as well as paintings and sculptures. The book documents this with inclusion of the works of Andrea del Sarto, Primaticcio and Michelangelo. The woodcuts represent various kinds of animals, terra cottas, arms, stones, minerals, etc. The large folding plate shows the interior of the museum. Arranged according to the theories of Aldrovandi.

The volume is divided into five books. The first lists human and animal specimens, birds and monsters. The second covers reptiles, fish, corals, shells and fossils, minerals, crustaceans, and plants. The third treats `exotic' books and manuscripts, mathematical, scientific and nautical instruments, weapons, vases, funerary tablets and games. Book four describes medals and coins, while the last book classifies religious images from localities throughout the known world.

The famous collections of Aldrovandi, as well as his library and manuscripts, were bequeathed to the city of Bologna. A list of these items has been incorporated here with the rest of the Cospi Museum.

Ferdinando Cospi. (Born: Bologna, Italy, 19 January 1606; Died: Bologna, Italy, 1686) Italian politician. Italian senator and purchasing agent in Bologna for the Medici family, Cospis large and varied collection was given to the senate of Bologna. It was first housed in an annex to Aldrovandi's museum. In 1743, a large portion was moved to the Instituto delle Scienze, which was incorporated into the Museo Civico di Bologna in 1871.

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