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James B. Jordan
JORDAN, James B.

JORDAN, James B.

English chemist.

Biographical references: Allibone, Dictionary of English Literature, 1859-71. BBA: I 630, 30. WBI.

1. English, 1873.
Elementary Crystallography. With which is given a Series of Nets for the Construction of Models Illustrative of the Simple Crystalline Forms. London, 1873.

8: 48 p., 8 color plates. Rare.

Another edition, 1921: Crystallography. A series of nets for the construction of models illustrative of the simple crystalline forms. London, T. Murby & Co., 1921. [2] p., 9 plates (colored, 250 x 370 mm.). [BL Shelfmark, 1818.a.28.]

Bibliographical references: BL [012201.e.1/8.]. BMC: 2, 943. NUC.

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