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Manuel José Barjona
BARJONA, Manuel José.

BARJONA, Manuel José.
(1760 - 1831)

(Born: 1760; Died: 1831) Porteguese natural philosopher.

1786, introduced a circulum of natural philosophy at the University of Coimbra. 1801, appointed to professorship of natural history, including Mineralogy, Geology and Zoology. He remained in post until 1828, when he retired.

Biographical references: ABE: I 97, 370-374. Pereira & Rodrigues, Portugal Diccionario, 1904. Portugal Ferreira, M., "Dr. Manuel José Barjona (1758-1831), autor dos primeiros livros de Mineralogia editados em Portugal", Memórias e Notícias, no. 110 (1990), 77-102. Portugal Ferreira, Museu de História Natural, 1990. WBI.

Taboas Mineralogicas, 1823

1. Porteguese, 1823.
Taboas | Mineralogicas. | [ornament] | Coimbra, | Na Real Imprensa Da Universidade. | [ornate rule] | 1823.

Oblong 4°: π2 1-34 [98 folding tables numbered I-XCVIII] 574; 18l.; [4], [1]-24 p., 98 folding tables, [I]-VIII p. Page size: 212 x 258 mm.

Contents: [2 pgs], Title page, verso blank.; [1 pg], "Ao Leitor."-signed Manuel José Barjona.; [1 pg], "Tab. III. Columna Transparencia."; [1]-24, "Prolegomenos."; [98 folding tables].; [I]-VIII, "Index."

Very rare. In the preface the author explains his interest is to place before his readers a tabular method to explain the science of mineralogy. After a preliminary introduction, a series of ninty-eight tables are used to set out the names and properties of hundreds of mineral species arranged in a classification. An index at the end allows easy lookup of individual species.

Second edition, 1835: Taboas Mineralogicas ... Segunda edição. Coimbra, 1835. 4°: 256 p.

Bibliographical references: BL []. Roller & Goodman, Catalogue, 1976: 1, 79.

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