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Julian R. Jackson
JACKSON, Julian R.

JACKSON, Julian R.
(c1790 - 1853)

(Born: c1790; Died: London, England, 16 March 1853) Military officer.

Jackson was attached to the British army, and traveled in 1814 to Russia. Later he was involved in the manufacturing of military equipment in London. For a long time, he was the secretary of the Geographical Society of London.

Biographical references: Poggendorff: 1, col. 1175.

Minerals and their Uses, 1849

1. English, 1849.
Minerals | And | Their Uses. | In | A Series Of Letters | To A Lady. | By | J.R. Jackson, F.R.S., | Member Of The Imperial Mineralogical Society | Of St. Petersburg. | [rule] | [...4 linews of quotation, signed Thomson...] | [rule] | London: | John W. Parker, West Strand. | [rule] |M.DCCC.LXIX.

8: xvi, 464, [8] adverts. p., frontispiece (hand-colored, showing gemstones).

Scarce. A carefully written work, providing a wide range of interesting mineralogical information. Written as a series of letters to a lady, topics include mineral compounds, forms of crystals, salts, calcium and its minerals, particularly the carbonates (including caves), quartz and its semi-precious varieties, diamond and other gemstones, metals and ores, coral, pearl, amber, etc. Included are a series of tables used for mineral identification. The color plate shows various gemstones, including a full-size depiction of the Regent diamond.

Bibliographical references: NUC. USGS Library Catalog.

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