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Frédéric Hugueny
HUGUENY, Frédéric.

HUGUENY, Frédéric.

1. French, 1865 [Dissertation].
Academie De Strasbourg | [rule] | Faculte Des Sciences | Recherches Expérimentales | Sur | La Dureté Des Corps | Et Spécialement | Sur Celle Des Métaux Des Alliages | [rule] | Thèse De Physique | Présentée | A La Faculté Des Sciences De Strasbourg | Le [handwritten date: 31st December.] | Pour Obtenir Le Grade De Docteur Es Sciences | Par | M.F. Hugueny | Professeur De Physique Au Lycée Impérial De Strasbourg | [ornate rule] | Strasbourg | Imprimerie De Veuve Berger-Levrault | 1864.

8°: [i]-vii, [1], [1]-109, [1] p., 6 plates.

Contents: [i-ii], Title page, verso blank.; [iii], "Faculté Des Sciences De Strasbourg."; [iv], Blank.; [v]-vi, "Avant-Propos."; [vii], "Bibliographie."; [1], Blank.; [1]-103, Text.; 104, "Resumé."; 105, "Explication des Planches."; [106]-109, "Table Des Matières."; [1], Blank.; [At end], 6 plates.

Rare. In this doctoral thesis, which discusses the author's \t{Experimental Researches on the Hardness of Bodies}, the first 50 pages is given over to a good introductory history of the subject that gives descriptions of the researches of Hyghens, Muschenbroek, Romé de l'Isle, Werner, Haüy, Wollaston, Babbage, Mohs, Frankenheim, Seebeck, Franz, and Vicat. This is followed by a definition of the hardness property, a description of the apparatus used to test for it, places where errors are encountered, and results derived. Finally, Hugueny compares the results of his research from various methods.

Bibliographical references: Annalen der Physik: ??, ??-??. Bolton, Bibliography of Chemistry, 1893: p. 546. Bulletin de la Société Chimique: 1866, p. 162. Todhunter, History of the Theory of Elasticity, 1886-93 [\S ??].

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