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Conrad Hornejus
HORNEJUS (Horneius, Horney, Horne), Conrad.

HORNEJUS (Horneius, Horney, Horne), Conrad.
(1590 - 1649)

(Born: Braunschweig, Germany, 25 November 1590; Died: Helmstńdt, Germany, 26 September 1649) German theologian & philosopher.

Hornjeus was a Lutheran and an expert on ancient philosophy.

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1. Latin, 1618 [Dissertation].
Dispvtationvm Physicarvm | Decima, | De | Metallis Et | Mediis Minera- | libvs, | Cuiua These | Auspicio diuini numinis | In illustri academia Iulia | Praeside | M. Conrado Horneio | Brvnsvicensi, | Ad diem XV. Kal. Aprilis | Defendere conabitur | Ioannes Christenivs | Holsatus. | [ornament] | Helmastadi, | Typis hŠredum Iacoci Lvci. | [rule] | cI{[Backwards c]} I[Backwards c] cXIIX.

4░: A-C4; 12l.; [24] p.

Contents: [1 pg], Title page.; [1 pg], Dedication.; [22 pgs], Text.

Very rare. Defended by Johannes Christenius [     -     ], this short dissertation presented on 15 April 1618 describes the r˘le of metals and minerals in medical treatments. It was presented at the University of Helmstedt, and was incorporated into Hornejus' Compendivm Natvralis PhilosophiŠ (1st ed., Helmarstadi, 1618).

Bibliographical references: BL. VD17: 12:174184N.

2. Latin, 1618 [First edition].
Conradi Horneii Brunsvicensis Compendium Naturalis Philosophiae Quo Explicantur disputationibus XIII. non tantum quae vulgo ex Aristot. eiusq[ue] interpp. tradi hic solent, sed praeterea doctrina de lapidibus, metallis, & mediis mineralibus, deq[ue] plantarum caussis & adfectionibus; Obiter etiam examinantur libb. IIX. schol. phys. P. Rami, earumq[ue] incredibilis absurditas ad oculum demonstratur. Helmaestadi[i], Lucius, 1618.

4░: 137l. Extremely rare.

Bibliographical references: BL. VD17: 23:641234Y.

Compendium Naturalis Philosophiae, 1624

3. Latin, 1624 [2nd edition].
Compendivm | Natvralis | Philoso- | phiae, | Quo | Explicantur disputationibus | XIII. non tantum quŠ vulg˛ ex | Aristot. eiusq; interpp. tradi hţc solent, | fed prŠterea doctrina de lapidibus, me- | tallis, & medijs mineralibus, deq; | plantarum caussis & adfe- | ctionibus. | Authore | Conrado Horneio | S. TheologiŠ Licent. & LogicŠ | in acad. Iulia Professore. | Editio secunda. | Helmarstadi. | Typis heredum Iacobi Lvci, | impensis ZachariŠ Raben, | [rule] | cI{[Backwards c]} I[Backwards c] cXXIV.

8░: [16], 477, [2] p.

Very rare. Hornejus' Compendium of Natural Philosophy collects together and reprints 13 dissertations that he had presided over. These writings all commented, elaborated and expanded upon the ancient theories of Aristotle. Besides descriptions of Aristotle's views on metaphysics, ethics and logic there is included the 1618 dissertation that described the medical uses of metals, stones and minerals that Johannes Christenius defended. There are also included substantial material on the uses of plants and animals.

Bibliographical references: BL [no copy listed]. Gatterer, Mineralogischen Literatur, 1798-9: 1, 24. LKG: III 45. NUC [no copy listed]. VD17: 39:132339G.

4. Latin, 1650 [Another edition].
Compendivm | Natvralis Phi- | losophiŠ, | Quo | Explicantur disputationibus XIII. | non tantum quŠ vulg˛ ex Aristot. eiusque in- | terpp. tradi hţc solent, fed prŠterea doctrina de lapi- | dibus, metallis, & medijs mineralibus, deque | plantarum caussis & adfectio- | nibus. | Authore | Conrado Horneio SS: | TheologiŠ D. & P.P. in Acad. Julia. | [ornament] | Francofurti, | Typis Antonii Hvmmii. | Impensis Johannis HŘttneri. | [rule] | M. DC. L.

8░: ):(4 A-T8 V3; 159l.; [8], 310 p. Head and tail pieces, initials.

Rare. A reprint of the earlier editions with the text reset.

Bibliographical references: BL [1135.d.16.]. LKG: III 45. NUC [no copy listed]. VD17: 39:135064L.

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