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Worthington Hooker
HOOKER, Worthington.

HOOKER, Worthington.
(1806 - 1867)

(Born: 1806; Died: 1867) American physician & educator.

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1. English, 1865 [First edition].
Science | For The | School And Family. | Part III. | Mineralogy And Geology. | By | Worthington Hooker, M.D., | [...3 lines of titles and memberships...] | Illustrated with nearly Two Hundred Engravings. | New York .:. Cincinnati .:. Chicago | American Book Company.

8: [i]-[viii], [9]-360, [8] p., 181 illus. Page size: 182 x 114 mm.

Contents: [i-ii], Title page, verso "Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year one thousand | eight hundred and sixty-five,..."; [iii]-vi, "Preface."-dated January 1865.; [vii], "Contents."; [ix], Blank.; [9]-325, Text.; [326], Blank.; [327]-350, "Questions."; [351]-352, "Glossary."; [353]-360, "Index."; [8 pgs], Advertisements.

Very scarce. Issued as the third in a series of elementary science textbooks written by Hooker, this is a good utilitarian approach to the geological sciences of the mid-19th century, with some mineralogical content.

"The book is intended to meet the wants of beginners in the study of geology, and especially young beginners. ... My object has been to produce a text-book fitted to prepare those who are wholly unacquainted with the subject for the farther study of itin the books of professed geologists."-Preface.

Chapters: 1. Mineral Substances. 2. Construction of minerals. 3. Carbon and its compounds. 4. Sulphur and its compounds. 5. Metals and their ores. 6. Oxy-salts and haloid salts. 7. Earthy minerals. 8. Rocks. 9. The earth as it is. 10. Present changes in the earth. 11. Construction of the earth. 12. Record of life in the rocks. 13. Azoic age. 14. Age of mollusks. 15. Age of fishes. 16. Age of coal. 17. Age of reptiles. 18. Age of Mammals. 19. Age of man. 20. Concluding Observations.

Bibliographical references: NUC. USGS Library Catalog.

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