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Louis E. F. Hericart de Thury
HÉRICART DE THURY, Louis Étienne François.

HÉRICART DE THURY, Louis Étienne François.
(1776 - 1854)

(Born: Paris, France, 3 June 1776; Died: Rome, Italy, 15 January 1854) French mining engineer.

From 1810 Héricart was the Chief Engineer of Mines and from 1810 to 1830 Director of public buildings in Seine-Departement. He was elected a member of the French Academy of Sciences in 1824.

Biographical references: ABF: I 514, 141-153; II 338, 18. Beauchamp, Biographie Moderne, 1816. Biographie Universelle. Lambrecht & Quenstedt, Catalogus, 1938: 198. Nouvelle Biographie Générale (Hoefer). Poggendorff: 1, col. 1076. WBI.

Minéralogie Synoptique, 1805

1. French, 1805.
Minéralogie | Synoptique, | ou | Tableaux | Des Substances Minérales | Spécifiées, Caractérisées Et Décrites | Au Moyen De Signes Conventionnels; | Par L.E.F. Héricart De Thury, et L.C. Houry, | Ingénieurs des mines de France. | Imprimerie De H.L. Perronneau. | Paris, | Allais, Libraire, quai des Augustins, N°. 44. | [wavy rule] | An XIII. - M. DCCC. V.

8°: [1]-160, [2] p. Page size: 200 x 122 mm.

Contents: [1-2], Half title page, "Minéralogie | Synoptique.," verso blank.; [3-4], Title page, verso blank.; [5], Dedication to René Just Haüy.; [6], Blank.; [7]-45, Introduction.; [46], Blank.; [47], Sectional title page, "Minéralogie Synoptique, | ou | Tableaux | des | Substances Minérales. | [rule] | [...6 lines of quotation, signed Bergmann...] | [rule]."; 48-151, Tables.; [152], Blank.; [153]-160, "Table Alphabétique | Des Noms | Français, Allemands et Latins."; [1 page], "Fautes A Corriger."; [1 page], Blank.

Very scarce. Co-authored with L.C. Houry [see note below]. This work outlines a new method for systematically describing minerals based on 22 characteristics. The introduction provides a description of the method, which stresses practical aspects. Using qualities such as color, hardness, crystal structure, chemical composition, and electrical and magnetic properties over 200 minerals are described on a series of tables. At the close is a dictionary of mineralogical synonyms in French, German and Latin.

Louis Clément Houry. (Born: c1780; Died: After 1843) French mining expert. French mining expert.

Bibliographical references: BL. CBN. LKG: XII 169*. NUC [no copy listed]. (Houry)

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