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Johann Herbin
HERBIN, Johann.

HERBIN, Johann.
(1633 - 1676)

(Born: 1633; Died: 14 February 1676) German theologian.

Biographical references: ADB. DBA: I 517, 24-30; II 563, 328. Gerber, Historisch-biographisches Lexikon, 1812-4. Jöcher, Gelehrten-Lexikon, 1750-51. Poggendorff: 1, col. 1075. WBI.

1. Latin, 1675.
Religiosae Kijovienses Cryptae, sive, Kijovia Subterranea, in quibus labyrinthus sub terra, et in eo emortua, a sexcentis annis, divorum atque heroum Graeco-Ruthenorum, & nec dum corrupta, corpora, ex nomine atque ad oculum, e Paterikon Sclavonica detegit ... M. Johannes Herbinius ... Jenae, Impensis Martini Hallervordi, literis Johannis Nisii, Anno 1675.

8°: π2 A7 )(4 B-L8 M4; 99l.; [20], 178 p., [6] leaves of plates (some folded), illus., music (engraving). Title page in red and black. Added engraved title page.

Very scarce. Concerns the subterranean crypts of a monastary at Kiev, Russia. *S1 Kievan Russia-Church history. *S2 Kyievo-Pechers'ka lavra-Early works to 1800.

Bibliographical references: Estreicher, Bibliografia Polska XIX Stulecia, 1959-: 18, 127. LKG: XIV 744.

Dissertationes, 1678

2. Latin, 1678.
Dissertationes | De Admirandis Mundi | Cataractis | Supra & Subterraneis, earumque Principio, Ele- | mentorum circulatione, ubi eadem occasione | Ęstus Maris Reflui | Vera ac genuina causa asseritur, nec non terrestri ac primigenio | Paradiso | Locus situsque verus in Palęstina restituitur in Ta- | bula Chorographica ostenditur, & contra Utopios, | Indianos, Mesopotamios, zliosque asseritue: | Auctore | M. Johanne Herbinio | Bicinā-Silesio. | [ornament] | Amstelodami, | [rule] | Apud Janssonio-Waesbergios. | MDC LXXVIII.

4°: [12], 267, [16] p., illus. Page size: 195 x 153 mm.

Very scarce. Astonishing study of the underground cataracts, sources, fountains, rivers, artificial rivers, marine tides, currents, abyssals zone, and the situation of the Paradise. The author explains the tides by a water arrival of the abyssals zone which it locates in the polar areas. This work is illustrated in a baroque taste that recalls Kircher's books. It is magnifiquement illustrated by beautiful allegorical frontispice, 4 plates (3 folding), and 22 engravings in the text.

Bibliographical references: Freilich Sale Catalog: no. 241. Thorndike, History of Magic, 1923-58: 7, 587. Ward & Carozzi, Geology Emerging, 1984: no. 1051. Wellcome Catalog (Books): 3, 251.

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