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Johannes Balthasar Hager
HAGER, Johannes Balthasar.

HAGER, Johannes Balthasar.

1. Latin, 1593 [Dissertation].
[Contained within an ornately ruled box:] Theoria De | Fossilibvs. | Quam post Solennem inavgvartionem suam, ceterorum{\`q} Philo- | sophiŠ candidatorum, Anni 1593. 5. Cal. Maij | Herbipoli celebratam. | In Avla Academica | publicŠ dispvtationi proponent. | Ioannes Balthasar Hage- | rvs Vberlinganvs. Liberalivm | arsium & PhilosphiŠ Magister. | Georgivs Grobivs Mellersta- | dianvs Reverandissimi At Qve Illv- | stri▀issi Principic Herbipoleusis Alumien & liberalium | artium ac PhilosphiŠ Magister. | Henricvs Rothavsen Monaste- | riensis Societatis Iesv. | [ornament] | Wirceburgi | Excidebat Geprgois Fleischmannus.

4░: π2 A-G4; 30l.; no pagination, [60] p. Allegory woodcut on the verso of the title page. Woodcut intial letters throughout.

Contents: π1r-π1v, Title page, verso large allegory woodcut showing a Christian theme.; π2r, Dedication, dated 5 May 1893 [sic; should read 1593].; π2v, Blank.; A1r, top of page, "Proœmivm Ad Dispvtationem | De Fossilibvs."; A1r-G4r, Text.; G4v, Blank.

Very rare. Dissertation, University of WŘrzburg, presented 27 April 1593. It describes the generation of fossils, minerals and stones in the context of a Aristotelian philosophy.

Bibliographical references: BL [444.c.37.]. VD16: H-181.

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