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Victor Aymé
AYMÉ, Victor.

AYMÉ, Victor.
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Essai, 1901

1. French, 1901.
Essai | De | Nomenclature Minéralogique | Par | V. Aymé | Conducteur des Ponts et Chaussées | ffons d'Ingénieur chef de Service des Travaux publics | de l'Indo-Chine | [ornate rule] | [ornament] | Hanoi | Imprimerie Typo-Lithographique F.-H. Schneider | [short rule] | 1901.

8°: [1]-36 p.

Very rare. This is a brief essay on the nomenclature of mineralogy. Perhaps the most interesting feature of this title is its imprint of Hanoi, Vietnam, when that region of southeast Asia was under French control.

Bibliographical references: BL [no copy listed]. BMC: 6, 44. NUC: 28, 84.

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