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Friderico L. de J. Closter
CLOSTER, Friderico Laurentio de Jemgumer.

CLOSTER, Friderico Laurentio de Jemgumer.

1. Latin, 1746 [Collection catalog].
Mvsevm | Closterianvm | Sive | Catalogvs Rervm | Tam Arte Factarvm, Qvam Natvra- | livm, Tam Exoticarvm, Qvam | Domesticarvm, | Ex | Tripilici Natvrae Regno, | Qvas | Fridericvs Lavrentivs | von Jemgvmer Closter | [...4 lines of titles and memberships...] | [rule] | Halae Svevor. MDCCXLVI.

4°: A-G4 H2; 30l.; [1]-60 p., one folding plate (fossils). Page size: 210 x 155 mm.

Contents: [1-2], Title page, verso blank.; [3]-11, Dedication to Francisco Ernesto Bruckmanno, signed Friderico Laurentio de Jemgvmer Closter, 4 October 1746.; [12]-40, Text.; 41-60, "Altera Pars | De | Artefactis."

Rare. This catalog of Closter's museum was append to the end of Brückmann's Epistolorum Itinerariarum Centuria volume 2. It is divided into two parts. The first treats the animals, shells, minerals and stones contained in the collection, while the second covers artificial items such as musical instruments.

Bibliographical references: BL.

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