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Chemical Society of London


Founded in 1841.

1. English, 1886.
A | Catalogue | Of | The Library | Of | The Chemical Society, | Arranged According To Subjects; | With | Indexes | Containing Author's Names And Subjects. | [rule] | London: | Harrison And Sons, St. Martin's Lane, | Printers in Ordinary to Her Majesty. | [rule] | 1886.

8: [i]-vii, [1], [1]-328 p.

Contents: [i-ii], Title page, verso blank.; [iii]-iv, "Library Rules."; [v]-vii, "Contents."; [1 pg], "Arrangement Of Catalogue."; [1]-293, Text.; [294]-301, "Appendix."; [302]-318, "Index Of Author's Names."; [318]-328, "Index Of Subjects."

Very scarce. A classified catalog of the library of the Chemical Society of London, founded in 1841. It is arranged according to subjects, with indexes containing the author's names and subjects. Entries list bibliographical information of treatises and essays on topics such as chemistry, physics, mineralogy (p. 87-101), and geology (p. 102-110).

In 1980 The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) was formed through the merger of four societies: (1) the Chemical Society; (2) the Society for Analytical Chemistry (founded in 1874); (3) the Royal Institute of Chemistry (founded in 1877); and (4) the Faraday Society (founded in 1903).

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