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Alexandre Charles

(1712 - 1780)

(Born: 1712; Died: 1780) French aristrocat.

Charles Alexander, Prince of Lorraine, Governor General of the Low Countries, and brother-in-law of Empress Maria Theresa.

Catalogue, 1781

1. French, 1781 [Sale catalog].
Catalogue | Tant | Du Cabinet | D'Histoire Naturelle, | Que | De Diverses Raretés | De Feue S.A.R. | Le Duc Charles-Alexandre de Lorraine & | de Bar, Grand-Maître de l'Ordre-Teutonique, | & Gouverneur-Général des Pays=Bas, &c. &c. | Don't on fera la Vente à Bruxelles le 13 Octobre 1781 & | jours suivans, en argent de change, au Magasin | duParc. On commencera le matin à 9 heures, | & l'après-midi à trois. | [ornament] | A Bruxelles, | Chez Lemaire, Imprimeur-Libraire, rue de | la Magdelaine. | [ornate rule] | M. DCC. LXXXI.


Rare. Auction sale catalog of a royal mineral collection. Housed at his residence in Bruxelles, the collection contained minerals, fossils, petrifactions, and numbered 4,480 mineral and rock specimens, including 650 copper species, 354 gold specimens, and 257 examples of lead ores. Sold in 1781, a portion became the nucleus of the Belgian Institute of Natural History in Bruxelles.

Bibliographical references: Wilson, History of Mineral Collecting, 1994: 114-5 & 209.

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