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Joseph Chambon
CHAMBON, Joseph.

CHAMBON, Joseph.
(1647 - c1732)

(Born: Grignon, Provence, France, 1647; Died: Grignon, Provence, France, c1732) French physician.

Chambon was a physician on the faculty at Aignon. Later he opened a practice in Marseilles, but traveled to Poland to become physician to King Sobiebsky. He remained until the siege of Vienna, when he returned to France by way of Holland and England. Chambon retired to Grignon, where he lived with a brother.

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1. French, 1714.
Traité | des | Metaux, | et | des Mineraux, | Et des Remedes qu'on en peut tirer; | Avec | Des Dissertations sur le Sel & le Soulphre | des Philosophes, & sur la Goute, la Gra- | velle, la petite Vérole, la Rougeole & | autres Maladies: avec un grand nombre de | Remedes choisis. | Par M. Chambon, cy-devant premier | Médecin de Jean Sobieski, Roy de Pologne. | [ornament] | A Paris, Quay des Augustins, | Chez Claude Jombert, vis-à-vis la Descente | du Pont-neuf, à l'Image Nostre Dame. | [rule] | M. DCC. XIV. | Avec Approbation, & Privilege du Roy.

12°: a8 ë4 i8 \ o2 A-Z8/4 Aa-Zz8/4; 298l.; [44], [1]-547, [5] p. Headpieces, initials. Preliminary matter includes several letters praising the medical remedies.

Contents: [2 pgs], Half title page, "Suite | des | Principes | de Physique, | Rapportés à la Médecine pratique," verso blank.; [2 pgs], Title page, verso blank.; [6 pgs], Dedication.; [16 pgs], Preface.; [18 pgs], Letters of appreciation for Chambon's work.; [1 pg], Approbation.; [1 pg], "Cession du Privilege."; [1]-547, Text.; [5 pgs], "Table des Matieres."

Very scarce. Chambon's text deals with the medical uses of mineral substances, especially the preparation of remedies. Information on the properties and uses of minerals, other than medical, of many substances like borax, alum, nitre, coffee, chocolate, tea, tobacco, teeth, etc. are also discussed. A chapter on gout and remedies to help reduce the inflammation is also included.

Other issues & editions: Based on entries in other bibliographies, the original text appears to have been reissued several times. However, existence of some of these books has not been confirmed. The Wellcome Catalogue, (2, p. 324) lists an issue: Paris, C. Jombert 1750 (10 [11?]ll., 547 p., 2ll.). A reported "Second Edition" of 1780 with reportedly the same pagination as the 1714 appearance is also likely to be a reprint, but no actual copy of this edition has been located. Nicolas Gobet in his Les Anciens Minéralogistes du Royaume de France (Paris, 1779) reprints parts of Chambon's text.

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