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Giuseppe Raimondo Pio Cesáro
CESÀRO, Giuseppe Raimondo Pio.

CESÀRO, Giuseppe Raimondo Pio.
(1849 - 1939)

(Born: Naples, Italy, 6 September 1849; Died: Liège, Belgium, 20 January 1939) Italian mineralogist & crystallographer.

Cesàro was the brother of the distinguished mathematician Ernesto (??-??). Although he began by studing engineering, Cesàro early abandoned this field, and began to search for his true vocation. Ultimately he discovered mineralogy, and it was the pursuit of this science that became his profession. He eventually found an appointment in Belgium where he worked as assistant to the mineralogist Gustav Dewalque [q.v.] at the University of Liège. Upon Dewalque's retirement in 1891, Cesàro was appointed professor of mineralogy and crystallography. In 1919, he was nominated as director of the mineralogical museum in Liège. Among his publications, Cesàro authored many papers usually published in the journals of various Belgium Scientific Societies centered around describing the minerals of Vesuvius, Italy and Belgium, as well as the forms of calcite.

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1. French, 1891.
Cristallographie & Mineralogie. Cours donné ... à l'Université de Liége. Liége, 1891.

4°: 104 p.

Very scarce. Lithographic production that acted as a syllabus to Cesàro's class of mineralogy and crystallography at the University of Liége in Belgium.

Bibliographical references: BMC: 1, 332.

2. French, 1914.
Elements de Cristallographie et de Mineralogie. Imprimerie Liegeoise, Henri Poncelet, Societe Anonyme, Liege, 1914.

8°: 90, [1] p., 71 illus.

Very scarce. Divided into two parts. The first covering crystallography describes the elements of symmetry, faces and edges, modifying faces, notation, the theories of Haüy, the seven crystallographic systems. The second is a mineralogical text, mostly descriptive in nature.

Bibliographical references: BMC: 6, 193.

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