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Marco Antonio Cellio
CELLIO, Marco Antonio.

CELLIO, Marco Antonio.
( - )

Italian astronomer.

Cellio was professor of astronomy at the Physico-Mathematical Academy of Rome.

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1. Italian, 1680.
Il Fosforo | O' Vero La | Pietra Bolognese | Preparata per rilucere fr | l'ombre. | Fatica Di | Marc' Antonio Cellio | Dell'Accademia Fisicomatte- | matica di Roma, | E dal medemo consecrata | All'Eccellentissimo Prencipe | Signor D. | Marc' Antonio | Borghese. | [ornament] | In Roma, Per il Vannacci. 1680. | [rule] | Con Licenza de'Superiori.

12: A-D12 E3; 51l.; [1]-102p. Ornamental initials.

Very rare. The first work written in Italian on the phosphorescent barite found near Bologna and then called the `Bolognian stone'. Here, Cellio describes the location where the Bolognian stone could be found, chiefly on Monte Paterno, indicating that a typical size is that of an orange. He notes that the color varies, but he says the white ones are the most phosphorescence sensitive.

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