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Johann Chrysostomus Cantor
CANTOR, Johann Chrysostomus.

CANTOR, Johann Chrysostomus.
(1775 - 1815)

(Born: 31 March 1775; Died: 29 August 1815) German Benedictine monk & naturalist.

Biographical references: DBA: I 177, 344-356. Hamberger & Meusel, Gelehrte Teutschland, 1796-1834. Poggendorff: 1, col. 372. WBI.

1. German, 1804-5.
Geschichte der merkwürdigsten Naturbegebenheiten auf unserer Erde von Christi Geburt bis auf gegewärtige Zeiten. Von Johann Chrysostomus Cantor ... Koburg, J.C.D. Sinner, 1804-5.

3 vols. [Vol 1: 1804] 12°: [Vol 2: 1804] 12°: [Vol 3: 1805] 12°: 335 p.

Very rare. Cantor's History of the Strangest Natural Occurences of our Earth from the Time of Christ to the Present includes discussions of earthquakes, the climate, biblical flood, geological catastrophes, etc. This appears to be more directed toward geology, but may contain some mineralogical content.

Bibliographical references: LKG: XIII 233.

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