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Johann Karl Gehler
GEHLER, Johann Karl.

GEHLER, Johann Karl.
(1732 - 1796)

(Born: G÷rlitz, Saxony, Germany, 17 May 1732; Died: Leipzig, Saxony, Germany, 6 May 1796) German physician.

Son of Johann Wilhelm [1696-1765], Gehler started his career as a specialist in child birth. He then held professorships at the University of Leipzig in botany (1762), anatomy and surgery (1780) and finally physical therapy (1789). Throughout his life he studied mineralogy and chemistry.

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De Characteribvs Fossilivm, 1757

1. Latin, 1757 [Dissertation].
De | Characteribvs Fossilivm | Externis | Indvltv | Amplissimi Philosophorvm Ordinis | Disserent Praeses | M. Ioannes Carolvs Gehler | Gorlicio-Lvsatvs | Medicinae Baccalavrevs | Et | Respondens | Christianvs Frider. Kadelbach | Gorlicensis | Philos. Et Med. Cvltor. | [rule] | Lipsiae D.IIII. Ivnii A.O.R. CIO IOCC LVII. | [double rule] | Ex Officenia Langenhemiana.

4░: A-E4; 20l.; [1]-40 p., one engraved plate

Very rare. Dissertation - Christian Frieder Kadelbach, respondent. A philosophical disscussion of the external characters of minerals. As a student, Werner obtained a copy of this work, and started about translating it into German. However, the errors in Kadelbach's work caused him to abandon the translation and publish his own original treatise, Von den ńusserlichen Kennzeichen der Fossilien, in 1774.

Reprint, 1790: The British Library reports that Gehler's dissertation was reprinted in Christian Friedrich Ludwig's, Delectus opusculorum ad scientiam naturalem spectantium. Volumen primum. Edidit Christianus Frider. Ludwig. Lipsiae, Apud S.L. Crusium, 1790. vi, 560 p., 7 plates. [No more published.; BL, 958.h.17.; cf. Pritzel (2nd ed.), no. 5658.]

Bibliographical references: BL [B.385.(18.)]. Gatterer, Mineralogischen Literatur, 1798-9: 1, 251. G÷ttingische gelehrte Anzeigen: 1757, p. 1274. Lima-de-Faria, Historical Atlas of Crystallography, 1990: 130 [portrait and title page]. LKG: IX 4.

2. Latin, 1786 [Dissertation].
Ordinis medicorum ... Procancellarius D.J.C.G. Panegyrin Medicam ... indicit. Inest Fossilium PhysiognomiŠ Specim. I. [LipsiŠ, 1786.]

4░: A4 B2; 6l.; [1]-12 p.

Very scarce. Dissertation - Ant. Hen. Lud. Bruhm, respondent.

Bibliographical references: LKG: IX 5a. NUC: 193, 506.

3. Latin, 1793 [Dissertation].
Ordinis medicorum ... Procancellarius J.C.G. ... panegyrin medicam ... indicit. De quibusdam varioribus agri Lipsiensis petrificatis. Spec. I, Trilobites s. Entomolithus paradoxus Linn. [LipsiŠ, 1793].

4░: A4 B2; 6l.; [1]-12 p., one plate.

Very scarce. Dissertation - Fridrich Augustus Treutler, respondent.

Bibliographical references: BL [B.366.(10.)]. LKG: XIV 209.

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