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Camillo Galvani
GALVANI, Camillo.

GALVANI, Camillo.

1. Italian, 1780.
Della Pietra | Fosforica | Bolognese.

8°: A-E8 F6; 46l.; [1]-91, [1] p., [3] folded leaves of plates showing 11 figures. Imprint from colophon (p. [92]): "In Bologna MDCCLXXX. | [ornate rule] | Nella Stamperia del Longhi. | Con Licenza de' Superiori."

Contents: [1-2], Title page, verso blank.; 3-6, Dedication, dated 23 October 1780.; 7-10, "Prefazione."; 11-89, Text (divided into 13 chapters).; 90-91, "Indice." [=table of contents].; [1 pg], Colophon.

Very scarce. "In the chapters of this ninety-one page book, the history, color, shape, internal structure, and analysis, etc., of the Bolognian stone are described in considerable detail, and a comparison made with other phosphors. Beccari and his co-workers are particularly referred to and ten pages of experiments reported. Galvani ended with various reflections on the subjects presented. On the whole the book is a good résumé of contemporary knowledge." (Harvey).

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