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Eberhard Fugger
FUGGER, Eberhard.

FUGGER, Eberhard.

1. German, 1878.
Die | Mineralien | des | Herzogthumes Salzburg | von | Eberhard Fugger. | [ornate rule] | Separat-Abdruck aus dem XI. Jahres-Berichte der k.k. Ober- | Realschule in Salzburg. | [ornate rule] | Salzburg, | Im Selbstverlage des Verfassers. | In Commission bei H. Dieter, k.k. Hof-Buchhändler. | 1878. | Druck von A. Pustet in Salzburg.

8°: viii, 124 p., color map. Includes subject and locality indexes. "Separat-Abdruck aus dem XI. Jahres-Berichte der k.k. Ober-Realschule in Salzburg." Page size: 230 x 150 mm.

Contents: [i-ii], Title page, verso blank.; [iii]-vi, "Vorwort."-dated June 1878.; [vii]-viii, "Inhalts-Verzeichnis."; [1]-109, Text.; [110]-113, "Sachregister."; [114]-124, "Ortsregister."; [At end], Large folding map.

Very scarce. A comprehensive topographical mineralogy of the Salzburg region of Austria. The forword gives a quick summary of the history of mineral research in the area, while the text gives a classified description of the known species.

Facsimile reprint, 1979: Die Mineralien des Herzogthumes Salzburg. Salzburg, Eigenverla A. Strasser, 1979. viii, 124 p., one large folding map.

Bibliographical references: NUC. USGS Library Catalog.

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