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Friedrich August Frenzel
FRENZEL, Friedrich August.

FRENZEL, Friedrich August.
(1842 - 1902)

(Born: Freiberg, Germany, 24 May 1842; Died: Freiberg, Germany, 27 August 1902) German mineralogist.

Frenzel won a scholarship to the Freiberg Bergakademie. Early on, he attracted the attention of A. Breithaupt, who asked him to help arrange the museum collections and determine their species. Under his mentor's direction, Frenzel soon was an expert mineralogist. However, his father died, and he had to contribute to his mother's support. He worked as a miner while completing his course work at Freiberg. After graduation, he accepted a position in the smelting laboratory of the town. He applied himself to the position, and he may have been the first researcher to isolate the element "Germanium," to which priority is given to G.G. Winkler of Freiberg.

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Mineralogisches Lexicon, 1874

1. German, 1874.
Mineralogisches Lexicon | für das | Königreich Sachsen. | Von | August Frenzel. | [rule] | Leipzig, | Verlag von Wilh. Engelmann. | 1874.

8°: π4 1-238 246; 194l.; [2], [i]-vi, [1]-380 p. Page size: 166 x 104 mm.

Contents: [2 pgs], Title page, verso blank.; [i]-iv, "Vorwort"-signed August Frenzel, 2 September 1873.; [v]-vi, "Benutzte Werke."; [1]-352, Text.; [353]-358, "Nachtrag."; [359]-371, "Orts-Register."; [372]-380, "Sach-Register."

Very scarce. Mineralogisches Lexicon für das Königreich Sachsen contains descriptions of 723 mineral species found in the region of Saxony in Germany. It gives information of their physical properties and chemical composition as well as the regional localities. This handbook became very popular among mineralogists and brought widespread attention to the author. The introduction gives a list of useful references in mineralogy and the work concludes with locality and subject indexes.

Bibliographical references: BL [7106.aa.1.]. Dana's 7th (Bibliography): 71. DSB. Spencer, Catalogue of Topographical Mineralogies, 1948 [p. 308].

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