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Ferdinand André Fouqué
FOUQUÉ, Ferdinand André.

FOUQUÉ, Ferdinand André.
(1828 - 1904)

(Born: Mortain, France, 21 June 1828; Died: Paris, France, 7 March 1904) French geologist & mineralogist.

Fouqué made an extended voyage to Italy in 1860, and he also witnessed the eruption of Mt. Etna in 1868. Fouqué was appointed professor of inorganic substances at the College of France in 1877. Elected a member of the French Academy of Science in 1881, Fouqué became its president in 1901. His contributions include the introduction of the microscope for petrographic study to France, pioneering studies in the formation and composition of volcanic products, as well as many volcanic studies and the artificial production of rocks and minerals.

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Synthèse des Minéraux, 1882

1. French, 1882.
Synthèse | Des Minéraux Et Des Roches | Par | F. Fouqué | [...2 lines of titles...] | Et | Michel Lévy | [...2 lines of titles...] | [rule] | Avec Une Planche En Photochromie | [rule] | Paris | G. Masson, Éditeur | Libraire De L'Académie De Médecine | 120, Boulevard Saint-Germain, 120 | [short rule] | M DCCC LXXXII | Tous droits réservés.

8°: [4], [1]-423, [1] p., one color plate ("Photochromie", showing synthetic rock structures under magnification).

Contents: [2 pgs], Blank, verso "5416.-Paris, Imprimerie A. Lahure."; [2 pgs], Title page, verso blank.; [Colored plate].; [1]-391, Text.; [392], Blank.; [393]-395, "Supplément."; [396], "Errata."; [397]-404, "Collection De Produits Artificiels."; [405]-409, "Table Des Matières."; [410], Blank.; [411]-416, "Table Alphabétique | Des Noms Propres Cités. | Reproductoins Accidenteiles."; [417]-423, "Table Alphabétique | Des Noms Propres Cités. | Reproductoins Artificielles."; [1 pg], Blank.

Very scarce. Co-authored by Auguste Michel-Lévy. First edition of this book on the artifical synthesis of minerals and rocks. A list of references on pages 411-423 gives 135 authors with an indication of their reseaches. The text contains historical references and citations to the bibliography. A catalog of the artificial minerals held in the collection of the Collège de France is given on pages 397-404.

Auguste Michel-Lévy. (Born: Paris, France, 17 August 1844; Died: Paris, France, 24 September 1911) French petrologist & mineralogist. Michel-Lévy was a brilliant student, and is today called one of the pioneers of microscopic petrology. His interest turned to geology, and in 1862 he matriculated at the Polytechnic School, then entered the School of Mines, from which he graduated at the head of his class in 1867. From 1870 he made his career with the government Geological.

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2. French, 1879.
Minéralogie micrographique, roches éruptives Françaises: planches (=atlas). Paris, Quantin, 1879

[Text] 4°: 509 p., illus. [Atlas] 4°: [2] p., LV plates (some colored). Page size: Text: 300 x 230 mm.; Atlas, 350 x 27 mm.

Rare. A fundamental petrographical work with the beautiful chromolithographed illustrations. "Fouqué made 3 important contributions to science. First he added significantly to the knowledge of volcanic phenomena ... secondly in collaboration with Auguste-Michel Lévy he introduced into France the study of rocks by microscopical petrography... The two-volume work Minéralogie Micrographique laid the foundation of modern petrography by introducing a classificatory system based on the mineralogical composition, the structure and the chemical composition of volcanic rocks." -DSB.

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