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Giovanni V.M. Fabbroni
FABBRONI, Giovanni Valentino Mattia.

FABBRONI, Giovanni Valentino Mattia.
(1752 - 1822)

(Born: 1752; Died: 1822) Italian scientist, statesman & scholar.

Fabbroni in 1768 became assistant to Felice Fontana in the Museum of Physics and Natural Sciences of the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Florence, 1780 became assistant director, travelled and lived in Paris and London 1776-1778, 1803 became director of the mint (corresponded with Guyton de Morveau on questions relating to coinage), published works on economics, technology, natural history, chemistry and physics.

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1. Italian, 1790.
Dell' Antracite | o | Carbone di Cava | detto volgarmente | Carbon Fossile | compilazione fatta | per ordine del Governo. | [rule] | [...2 lines of quotation...] | [rule] | [double rule] | [double rule] | In Firenze MDCCXC. | [double rule] | Per Gaetano Cambiagi Stamp. Imperiale | Con Approvazione.

8: xxv, 358, [1] p., 10 folding plates, one folding map, one table (facing p. 244). The plates show geological formations, mines and equipment. Tav 9 shows the Boulton and Watt steam engine.

Very scarce. The work is a compendium of information concerning coal including chemical and mineralogical details. The analyses of Italian coals, by distillation, were by the author. Contains a bibliography of various works on coal "Biblioteca antracologica" on pages 347-358.

Bibliographical references: Cole, Chemical Literature, 1988: no. 424. Hoover Collection: no. 290. LKG: XVI 419. NUC [NF 0007291].

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