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Joseph-Louis-Adrien Amondieu
AMONDIEU, Joseph-Louis-Adrien.

AMONDIEU, Joseph-Louis-Adrien.
(1795 -     )

(Born: 1795; Died:     ) French mathematician & naturalist.

Amondieu was for many years a professor of sciences in colleges throughout France. He edited the proceedings of the learned academy in Nantes and wrote a few textbooks.

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Minéralogie, 1826

1. French, 1826.
La | Minéralogie | enseignée | en Vingt-Quatre Leçons, | contenant la classification des minéraux d'après leurs | propriétés chimiques et physiques, leur manière d'é- | tre dans la nature, l'état et la constitution du | globe terrestre et l'opinion des savans sur les ré- | volutions qui ont ravagé sa surface, enfin l'usage | des minéraux dans l'agriculture et dans les arts. | Par J.L.A. Amondieu, Agrecé pour les sciences. | [ornate tapered rule] | Paris, | Audin, Libraire, Quai des Augustins, N° 25; | Naudin, Rue Pavée-Saint-André, N° 9; | Charles-Béchet, quai des Augustins, N° 57; | Verdière, quai des Augustins, N° 25. | [ornate tapered rule] | 1826.

12°: 500 p., 4 plates.

Very rare. A standard textbook of mineralogy, divided into 24 lessons. The introductory material covers the usual topics of physical and chemical properties, nomenclature, and classification methods. The descriptive portions classifies the mineral species using a new approach developed by the author. Here Amondieu makes use of the chemical and physical properties of the mineral to classify its species, in an approach that he asserts follows the manner of nature. Considering its popular style approach to the subject this is a suprisingly scarce work.

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