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Joh. Th. Eller von Brockhausen

(1689 - 1760)

(Born: Plotzkau, Germany, 29 November 1689; Died: Berlin, Germany, 13 September 1760) German physician.

Eller was educated in law at Quedlinburg and Jena, and in medicine and science at Halle, Leiden, Amsterdam, Paris and London. He was named a professor at the College of Medicine in Berlin in 1724. From 1735, Eller was the personal doctor to Friedrich the Great, who named him in 1755 to be the director of the Collegium Medico-Chirurgicum. He was elected a member of the Academie der Wissenschaften (Academy of Science) in Berlin in 1755.

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Gazoghylacium, 1723

1. Latin, 1723 [Collection catalog].
Gazoghylacium | Sive | Catalogus | Rerum Mineralium & | Metallicarum, | u: & | Marmorum tam Domesti- | corum quam Exoticorum, Varia | Rudera Urbium, Arborum, Fructicum- | que repręsentantium, una cum Petri- | factis variis & Lapidibus nec non | Gemmis ad Regnum Mine- | rale spectantibus. | Summā Industriā & labore per lon- | gissimum tempus non sine | sumptibus collectum | ą | Dr. Joanne Theodoro Eller, | S. Pr. Anhalt. Bernburg. Archiatr. | & Urb. Physico. | [rule] | Bernburgi, | Literis Joannis Christoph. Gerhardi, | Ser. Princ. Aulę & Regim. Typograph. | 1723.

12°: [1]-144 p.

Rare. Besides various examples of mineralogical specimens, Eller's cabinet contained many samples of marble from local and foreign locations, gemstones, semiprecious stones, petrified plants and fruits and other fossils, earths and stones. Clearly, Eller devoted a great amount of time and attention to building his collection.

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