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Juan José de Elhuyar y Lubice

(1754 - 1796)

(Born: Logroño, Spain, 1754; Died: 1796) Spanish chemist.

Chemist, studied the discipline, the same as his brother Fausto (ON), with Hilaire - Marin Rouelle in París. He was Werner's pupil in Freiberg and Bergman's in Upsala. With his brother, he discover the titanium. He was send to Nueva Granada to charge obtain metals by the method of smelting, being charged at the same time, to teach to the local technicians.

Biographical references: Caycedo, Bernardo J. D'Elhuyar y el siglo XVIII neogranadino. Bogotá, Editorial Kelly, 1971. 316 p., frontispiece (portrait). [Series: Ediciones de la revista Ximénez de Quesada, no. 23.; A biography of Juan José de Elhuyar.].

1. English, 1785.
A Chemical Analysis of Wolfram and examination of a new metal, which enters into its composition ... London, Printed for G. Nicol, 1785.

4°: [1]-67, [1] p.

Rare. Translation by Charles Cullen of Análisis Químico del Volfram (??, ??), which reported the process for isolating of the new heavy element, tungsten.

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2. German, 1786 [German transl.].
Chemische Zergliederung des Wolframs, und Untersuchung eines neuen darinn befindlichen Metalles. Aus dem Englischen des Herrn Carl Cullen übersetzt von Friedrich Albrecht Carl Gren ... Nebst Beyträgen zur Geschichte des Wolframs und Tungsteins. Halle, 1786.

8°: 108 p.

Rare. Translated by Friedrich Albrecht Carl Gren [??-??].

Bibliographical references: BL [1035.c.22.]. LKG: XVI 402a.

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