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Jean Louis Alléon Dulac

(1723 - 1768)

(Born: 1723; Died: 1768) French naturalist.

Alleon-Dulac was a village postmaster in the region of Lyonnais in France. He was in his personal time an active amateur naturalist.

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1. French, 1763-5.
Mélanges d'Histoire Naturelle par M.A.D. Lyon, Chez Benoît Duplain, 1763-5.

6 vols. [Vol 1] 8°: a8 A-Ee8 Ff4; 236l.; xvi, 456 p., one plate. [Vol 2] 8°: a8 A-Ff8 Gg4; 245l.; xv, 471, [4] p., 4 plates. [Vol 3] 8°: π6 A-Ff Gg2; 240l.; xii, 467 p., 3 plates. [Vol 4] 8°: π4 A-Ff8 Gg4; 240l.; viii, 472 p., 2 plates. [Vol 5] 8°: a4 A-Hh8 Ii2; 256l.; xii, 500 p. [Vol 6] 8°: a4 A-Kk8 Ll6; 274l.; viii, 536, 4 p., one plate.

Rare. Alléon Dulac's Mélanges d'Histoire Naturelle (Mixtures of Natural History) is a collection of papers and researches about all facets of natural history that appeared in journals and as separate publications or were read in various Academies of Europe. It is a true menagerie of hundreds of articles on all manner of topics. There are descriptions of all manner of natural objects including fish, birds, plants, minerals, metals, etc. Only volume two is dated 1763, all others are 1765.

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2. Latin, 1765.
Memoires pour servir a d'Histoire Naturelle des Provinces de Lyonnois, Foretz et Beaujolois. Lyon, 1765.

2 vols. [Vol 1] 8°: xl, 384 p., illus. [Vol 2] 8°: 319 p., illus.

Rare. Memoires on the Natural History of Lyonnois, Forez and Beaujolois is apparently an abstract of the author's Mélanges d'Histoire Naturelle (Lyon, 1763-5).

Facsimile reprint, 1975: Mémoires pour servir à l'histoire naturelle des provinces de Lyonnois, Forez et Beaujolois. Roanne, Horvath, 1975. 2 vols.

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