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Jacob Hornemann Bredsdorff
BREDSDORFF, Jacob Hornemann.

BREDSDORFF, Jacob Hornemann.
(1790 - 1841)

(Born: Skjerninge, Denmark, 8 March 1790; Died: Skjerninge, Denmark, 16 June 1841) Danish mineralogist.

Bredsdorff worked first as an adjunct at the Cathedral-School in Roekild, before becoming a lecturer on mineralogy at the University of Copenhagen in 1823. In 1828, he became lecturer on botany and mineralogy at the Academy in Soroe.

Biographical references: Dansk Biografisk Haandleksikon: 1, 221, portrait. Garboe, Geologiens Historie i Danmark, 1959-61: 1, 220-22, portrait. Poggendorff: 1, cols. 286-7. SBA: Scandinavian Biographical Archive: A-38, 241-255. WBI.

1. Latin, 1827.
De Notione Speciei | In | Regno Minerali. | [tapered rule] | Scripsit | Jacobus Hornemann Bredsdorff, | Dr. Phil. Mineral. Lector Publ. | [double rule] | HafniŠ mdcccxxvii. | Typis Directors Jani Hostrup Schulzii, | AulŠ Et universtiatis Typographie.

8░: [4], 104 p.

Very rare. This work records the author's notion of what consititutes a distinct species in the kingdom of minerals.

Bibliographical references: Beekman, Systematische Mineralogie, 1906: 139-40. BL [7104.aa.5.]. BMC: 2, 228.

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