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Luigi Bossi
BOSSI, Luigi.

BOSSI, Luigi.
(1758 - 1835)

(Born: Milan, Italy, February 1758; Died: Milan, Italy, 10 April 1835) Italian lawyer & scholar.

Bossi was fluent in Greek, Hebrew, Latin and Italian. Besides the earth sciences, he wrote works on the history of the Catholic church and archaeology. He was a consultant on legal matters to the University of Pavia.

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1. Italian, 1819.
Dizionario | Portatile | Di | Geologia, Litologia E Mineralogia | Del Cavaliere | Luigi Bossi | Socio Di Varie Accademie | Con Otto Tavole In Rame | [tapered rule] | Milano | Presso Gio. Pietro Giegler, librajo, | Corsia de' Servi, num. 603. | 1819.

12: [i]-xvi, [1]-428, [2] p., 8 plates (numbered I-VIII; plate VI hand-colored). Page size: 175 x 102 mm.

Scarce. Standard dictionary of geology, lithology, and mineralogy, and defining terms used in these studies. References to information sources are provided.

Bibliographical references: Sinkankas, Gemology Bibliography, 1993: no. 814.

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