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Franz Zeno
ZENO, Franz.

ZENO, Franz.
(1734 - 1781)

(Born: Olmütz, Germany, 6 January 1734; Died: Prague, Czech Republic, 14 June 1781) German Jesuit & mathematician.

Jesuit instructor of grammer and mathematics in Prague and Olmütz. From 1777 oversaw the observatory at Prague. There he was known an innovator with the insturments.

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1. German, 1769.
Abhandlung von See-Versteinerungen und Fossilien, welche bey Prag gefunden werden von F. Zeno. Prag, 1769.

8°: 2 plates.

Extremely rare. This title appears to reference a separate printing of a series of papers first published in the Neue Physicalische Belustigung, 1 (1770) & 2 (1771).

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