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Adalbert Wrany
WRANY, Adalbert.

WRANY, Adalbert.
(1836 - 1902)

(Born: 1836; Died: Prag, Czech., 1902) Czech physician.

A physician and historian who wrote several well-referenced and valuable texts describing the development of various scientific studies in Bohemia. He was an avid mineral collector, accumulating a collection of at least 4500 numbered specimens.

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Pflege der Mineralogie, 1896

1. German, 1896.
Die | Pflege der Mineralogie | in Böhmen. | Ein Beitrag zur vaterländischen Geschichte der | Wissenschaften. | Von | Dr. Adalbert Wrany. | [ornate rule] | Prag, 1896. | Verlag von H. Dominicus (Th. Gruss).

8°: π4 1-268 273; 215l.; [I]-VIII, [1]-421, [1] p., name and subject indexes. Page size: 240 x 150 mm. uncut.

Contents: [I-II], Title page, verso "K. u. k. Hofbuchdruckerei A. Haase, Prag."; [III]-VI, "Vorwort."-dated July, 1895.; VII-VIII, "Inhalts-Uebersicht."; [1]-386, Text.; [387]-392, "Berichtigungen und Zusätze."; [393]-400, "Namen-Register."; [401]-421, "Sach-Register."; [1 pg], Blank.

Very scarce. Detailed history of the development of mineralogical science in the region of Bohemia. The text contains copious notes on the biographies and printed works of the researchers, and is very valuable for noting references that would otherwise go unnoticed. The name index lists about 640 names mentioned in the text.

Bibliographical references: BL. NUC.

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