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Samuel Veyrel
VEYREL, Samuel.

VEYREL, Samuel.

Indice Dv Cabinet, 1635

1. Latin, 1635 [Collection catalog].
Indice Dv Cabinet | De | Samvel Veyrel | Apoticaire A Xaintes. | Avec Vn Recveil De Qvelqves | Antiquités de Xaintes, & obseruations sur | diuerses Medailles. | [Printer's device] | A Bovredeaux, | Par Pierre de la Covrt Imprimeur & | Marchand Libraire, ruë S. Iammes | [rule] | M. DC. XXXV.

4°: [4], [1]-43, [1] p.

Very rare. A precious catalog of an early seventeenth century French cabinet. Archaeologist, numismatist and apothecary, Veyrel assembled a large collection of natural and artificial objects. A synoptic index to its contents is published in this volume. Included within the list are a diverse selection of rare and marvelous products principally of nature and composed of land and aquatic animals, precious and semiprecious stones, metals, minerals, corals, strange fruits, and other curiosities. Veyrel also owned an array of horns (rhinoceros, unicorn, etc.), a large number of preserved birds, small lizards, large reptiles (crocodile), exotic plants, and objects from Brazil and Egypt.

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