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Daniel Johann Taube
TAUBE, Daniel Johann.

TAUBE, Daniel Johann.
(1727 - 1799)

(Born: 1727; Died: 1799) German physician.

Taube, a pupil of Haller, was physician to the British court and to the court of Brunswick-Lüneburg.

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1. German, 1766-9.
Beiträge zur Naturkunde des Herzogthums Zelle [Vol. II: Lüneburg]. Zelle, Johann Dieterich Schulze, 1766-9.

2 vols. 8°: 264 p.

Rare. A collection of essays on the natural history of the duchies of Celle and Lüneburg, most of them dealing with the geology and mineralogy of the region. There is a chapter "De Färbe-Quelle bei Wense" (pp. 234-36) that describes a well that was used for dying purposes for a very long time. Taube gives an account of the procedure of dying thread in the water of this well and then provides a chemical analysis of the water.

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