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J.R. Simms


1. English, 1869 [Sale catalog].
Catalogue of the Private Cabinet of J.R. Simms, Fort Plain, N.Y., a Thirty Year's Collection of Coins, Tokens, Continental and Shin-Plaster Currency, Antiquarian and Indian Relics, Fossils, Minerals, Articles from the Battle-Fields of the Revolution and the Late Civil War, &c. Fort Plain, New York, 1869.

8: 34 p.

Very rare. Descriptive catalog of J.R. Simms collection of coins, fossils, and lugubrious relics. Among some of the items from the antiquarian department are Part of an Ivory Billiard Ball, from the Great Fire in Cooperstown, April 10, 1862 (No.46), a String of Beads, taken from the neck of an Indian, shot while swimming Pitt river, in California (No.56), and a Link of the Mammoth Chain, which was drawn acrss the Hudson River at West Point in 1778, weight 102 1/2 lbs. (No.2).

Bibliographical references: NUC.

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