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Johann Jacob Bernhardi
BERNHARDI, Johann Jacob.

BERNHARDI, Johann Jacob.
(1774 - 1850)

(Born: Erfurt, Germany, 7 September 1774; Died: Erfurt, Germany, 13 May 1850) German physican.

In 1799, Bernhardi graduated with degrees in philosophy and medicine from the University of Erfurt. He was appointed in 1805 professor extraordinary of medicine at the University. He became director of the city's botanical gardens, and in 1819 became an advisor on medical matters to the state of Prussia.

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Beiträge zur nähren Kenntniss, 1826

1. German, 1826.
Beiträge zur nähren Kenntniss | der | regelmässigen Krystallformen. | [rule] | Vom | Professor Bernhardt. | [rule] | Mit 1 Kupfertafeln. | [rule] | [ornate rule] | Erfurt, | in der Maring'schen Buchhandlung. | 1826.

4°: [1]-114; 44l.; [1]-86, [2] p., one folding plate (crystals). Page size: 211 x 166 mm.

Contents: [1-2], Title page, verso blank.; [3], "Beiträge zur nähern Kenntniss der regelmässigen Krystallformen."; [4], Blank.; [5]-86, Text.; [1 pg], "Druckfehler."; [1 pg], "Erfurt, gedruckt bei J. Wilhelm Cramer."; [At end], One folding plate (211 x 230 mm).

Very scarce. This is a short study into the regular forms of crystals. The plate shows 28 figures, mostly of crystals with the caption at the bottom, "Zu Bernhardi's Beiträge zur kenntniss d. Krystallformen." This monograph was reprinted in Erfurt.-Academia Electoralis Moguntina Scientiarum Utilium. Abhandlungen, Neue Folge. Sammlung 1., 1828.

Related work, 1809: Über die Grenzen der Mineralogie. Erfurt, 1809. Listed in LKG and Poggendorff, this must be a very rare book, as no copy as been located to prepare a proper description.

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