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Johann Georg Puihn
PUIHN, Johann Georg.

PUIHN, Johann Georg.
(1760 - 1793)

(Born: 1760; Died: 1793) German physician.

Biographical references: DBA: I 986, 172. Hamberger & Meusel, Gelehrte Teutschland, 1796-1834. WBI.

1. French, 1796.
Die Gifte des Mineralreiches. Bayreuth, Bey Johann Andreas Lübecks Erben, 1796.

8°: 247 p. A study on the poisons derived from the mineral kingdom. Very rare.

Another edition, 1813: Die Gifte des Mineralreichs. Leipzig, 1813. 247 p.

Bibliographical references: BL [726.e.23.].

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