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Nils Psilanderhjelm

(1706 - 1768)

(Born: Karlskrona, Sweden, 26 November 1706; Died: Stockholm, Sweden, 4 September 1768) Swedish metallurgist & goverment official.

Psilanderhjelm matriculated at the Bergskollegium in 1728, where he became a student of the mining engineer Anton von Swab. From 1730 to 1736, Psilanderhjelm made an extended tour of the mining regions throughout central Europe and Russia. Upon returning to Sweden, he was appointed chief mine engineer of the Swedish state. After serving his country with honor in a war with Russia, he became chamberlain to King Frederik in 1744. A valuable collection of minerals Psilanderhjelm acquired throughout his career was donated to the Vetenskapskad in 1761, and after his death his personal library was also bequeathed there.

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Tal om Mineral-Samlingar, 1755

1. Swedish, 1755.
Tal | Om | Mineral-Samlingar; | Hållit för | Kongl. Vetenskaps Academien, | vid Præsidii afläggning, | Den 1 Februarii 1755. | Af | Nils Psilanderhielm, | Bergs-Råd. | [vignette] | [rule] | På Kongl. Vetenskaps Academiens befallning. | [wavy rule] | Stockholm, | Tryckt hos Lars Salvius. 1755.

8°: A8; 8l.; [1]-16 p. Engraved device on the title page. Page size: 192 x 120 mm.

Contents: [1-2], Title page, verso blank.; [3]-14, Text.; [15]-16, "...Min Herre!"

Very scarce. Concerns the role of mineral collecting, and the author's belief that collections of minerals will help define mineralogical science.

Bibliographical references: BL [965.k.1.(4.)]. Gatterer, Mineralogischen Literatur, 1798-9: 1, 256. Göttingische gelehrte Anzeigen: 1756, 496. LKG: XV 17. SWIM [no copy listed].

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