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Aleksandr A. Belozerov
BELOZEROV, Aleksandr Alekseevich.

BELOZEROV, Aleksandr Alekseevich.

1. Russian, 1873 [Bibliography].
Указатель книгъ, изданныhъ на русскомъ языкъ, по предметамъ относящимся до горной части. St. Petersburg, 1873.

8°: [2], 182, iii p.

Rare. This bibliography lists c1500 titles written in the Russian language relevant to mining and mineralogy published from 1705 to 1873.

Bibliographical references: Besterman, Bibliography of Bibliographies, 1965-6: col. 3968. BL [11905.h.10.]. Margerie, Bibliographies Géologiques, 1896: no. 2550.

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