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John Henry Pepper
PEPPER, John Henry.

PEPPER, John Henry.
(1821 - 1900)

(Born: 1821; Died: 1900) American chemist.

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The Playbook of Metals, 1866

1. English, 1866.
The | Playbook Of Metals: | Including | Personal Narratives Of Visits To Coal, Lead, | Copper, And Tin Mines; | With | A Large-Number of Interesting Experiments | Relating To Alchemy And The Chemistry Of The Fifty | Metallic Elements. | By | John Henry Pepper, | Author Of "The Playbook Of Science." | With Three Hundred Illustratations. | A New Edition. | London: | George Routledge And Sons, | Broadway, Ludgate Hill. | New York: 129, Grand Street. | 1866.

8: 504 p.

Scarce. After a short introduction describing the importance of natural materials to the English economy, Pepper provides information on various materials discovered within the earth. One chapter is devoted to coal, while 33 other chapters are devoted to a single metallic element. Included are gold, silver, lead, copper, tin, mercury, iron, aluminum, antimony, arsenic, etc. The work is heavily illustrated throughout with steel engravings typical of the nineteenth century. Depictions include equipment, procedures of mining and metallurgy and finished products.

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