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Giovanni Agostino Pantheo
PANTHEO, Giovanni Agostino.

PANTHEO, Giovanni Agostino.
(c1517 - 1535)

(Born: c1517; Died: 1535)

1. Latin, 1519.
Ars transmvtationis metallicae cvm Leonis X. ponti. max. et conci. capi. decemvirvm Venetorvm edicto. [Venetiis,] In aedibus Ioannis Tacuini impressorum accuratissimi Venetiis editum, 1519.

4: A-E4 F6 G-I4; 38 numbered l., illus. Colophon: on the verso of leaf 26 dated 1518. Rare.

Bibliographical references: Ferguson, Bibliotheca Chemica, 1906: 2, p. 167n. Hoover Collection: no. 623. Stillwell, Awakening Interest in Science, 1970: 866.

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