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Rudolf Zschweigert

Rudolf Zschweigert, born in 1873, was a textile manufacturer and factory owner from Chemnitz who built a substantial mineral and meteorite collection. In 1925 Zschweigert acquired most of the mineral collection of his old school friend, the Eisenberg Bergdirektor Max Geipel (1871-1925) (q.v.), and merged it with his own. After Zschweigert's death in 1947 the combined collection was divided between Zschweigert's heirs in Plauen and Hof.

Many of Rudolf Zschweigert's meteorites and minerals were donated to the Regensburg Institute for Mineralogy and Geology around 1950 by his widow Gertrud (1891-1982). The director of the mineralogy department at that time was Professor Dr. Hugo Strunz (b. 1910). The meteorites eventually went to the Staatlichen Forschungsinstituts für Angewandte Mineralogie at the University of Regensburg. After the dissolution of the University of Regensburg, all of its collections, including the meteorite collection, belonged organizationally to the Technical University in Munich. Today the mineral and meteorite collection is preserved in the ”Museum Reich der Kristalle“ in Munich.

JANKOWSKI, G., and ROSE, D. (1992) Max Philipp Geipel zum 120. Geburtstag, ein Bergbauingenieur und Mineraliensammler im Mansfelder Kupferschieferbergbau zu Beginn unseres Jahrhunderts. Der Aufschluss, 43 (1).
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