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Franz Reichenheim

Franz Reichenheim, a wealthy mineral and stamp collector, was born in Berlin in 1860. He received the Special Gold medal for his stamp collection, presented by Stanley Gibbons Ltd. at the London International Exhibition in 1897, and left Berlin to take British nationality in 1898. Therefore, his mineral labels, which give his address as "Berlin," must predate the move. He ("Fanny" Reichenheim) was living in Kensington, London, with his wife Margarethe and five servants in the 1901 census--"living on means" (which is to say, he didn't need to work).

Reichenheim gained international awards for displays of French stamps and also specialized in the stamps of Germany and its Colonies. He served as President of the Hertfordshire Philatelic Society in 1909 and was instrumental in arranging for the Society to host the Second Philatelic Congress of Great Britain in 1910. In 1912 the Annual report for 1911-12 of the Permanent Committee of Philatelic Congresses of Great Britain, published in London, was co-authored and presented by Franz Reichenheim. In 1913 he published the Catalogue of handbooks, journals, etc., in the Library of the Hertfordshire Philatelic Society on 31st March, 1913, "compiled and published by the editor of The monthly report of the Hertfordshire Philatelic Society"--who was Franz Reichenheim. In 1916 he donated 500 volumes on stamp collecting to the library of the Royal Philateic Society in London.

He died in 1929.

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