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Carl Riemann
(fl. 1880's-1890's)

Carl Riemann had a mineral dealership ("Mineralien-Comptoir von Dr. Carl Riemann") in Görlitz. He was acknowledged as a source for pyrite and marcasite specimens in the 1885 edition of verhandlungen der kaiserlich- koniglichen geologischen reichsanstalt, and had an ad in the editions of Pharmazeutische Zentralhalle für Deutschland for 1890 and 1891, recommending mineral specimens as Christmas gifts. The Biblioteca Fabregat-Guinchard in Mexico lists a copy of a book entitled Mineralogen (1887) by Carl Riemann, published by Julius Springer Verlag.

A note in the St. Gallischen naturwissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft yearbook for 1887-1888 states that "Of outstanding value for the [Natural History] Museum [in St. Gallen] is a very special, small series of minerals received from Dr. Riemann (successor to Dr. Schuchardt) in Görlitz." This indicates that Theodor Schuchardt (q.v.), founder of a mineral dealership and large chemical manufactory in Görlitz in 1866, sold the mineral portion of his business to Carl Riemann before 1888. Schuchardt died in 1892, but his chemical firm enduring until being taken over by Merck almost a hundred years later.
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